Thursday, January 31, 2008

The best feeling in the world...

is to create and to make something beautiful. After all my shenanigans I finally finished my Lil Hippy Patchwork Baby Overalls.

I'm so pleased with how they turn out; however, I don't know if they'll actually sell in my Etsy Shop...we'll see, I guess. So far, the only way for me to know if people are interested in the crafts I create is if I make something, post it in my shop, and it sells.

The size is 3-6 months, it looks so cute on my lil baby model!
Creating things is always such a struggle for me; I see something in my head and am drawn to creating it--but, often times I don't have the technical skills to make it just, there I go a cussin' and swearin' until I finally figure it out. but...geeze...when I look at my finished product, it is so worth it!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


AHHAHHAHAHHA! It's 3:11 am here and I am so wound up about trying to complete this beautiful patchwork masterpiece! I had finally got the husband and the baby to bed and started carefully piecing together some pretty multi color baby print cotton fabric to make these AWESOME hippy baby overalls.

I had decided to repurpose a pair of 3-6 month baby old navy overalls and I was so excited to do patchwork again (I used to love to do patchwork goodness) I was chuggin' along and everything was going pretty well, except the thread kept breaking and I'd have to re thread the godforsaken thing again and again...but, everything was lookin' so fine! There were three columns of square patches in a simple pattern, and I even put backing on so insides would be finished and soft. I created a little free form patchwork applique to cover the ugly old navy tag, using this cool iron on transfer stuff, and then an elastic stretch stitch to make sure that it adhered well.

I was ready to attach the patchwork to the seam on the legs when I discovered that I hadn't made the strips long enough....GRRRRR! and of course at the baby had to wake up and start fussing and fussing so I had to stop what I was doing (even though I really didn't want to) and rock her back to sleep. So, I decided that I would put little ruffles onto the bottom edge to give it a little more length and, by golly, when I actually attached them they looked so much cuter than if I had just had plain patchwork! I was pleased with myself...very proud...I knew I was coming into the homestretch of the project.

I always get such a rush when I finish a delicious crafty craft and I was looking forward to seeing how this beauty was going to turn out. Let me tell you...attaching ruffles is no small feat! So, I have everything ironed and ready to sew together, I sit down at the machine, put the pieces together, start sewing, and CRACK! The needle snaps in half. Son of a #@$%! I searched frantically for another needle, but I knew deep in my heart that there were no close...I was so very close to finishing my lil lovely overalls...sigh...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sewin' like Crazy

Geeze...did I have fun sewing yesterday! I sewed and sewed and sewed and didn't even swear once! Everything went great and I even developed a new line of cloth diapering products. They look great, but the name still has to be figured out.

Right now they are called "Embellished Prefold Cloth Diaper with matching Cloth Baby Wipes"

YAWN! How boring! I'm sure a wicked sweet name will come to me in a dream or something...

I also finished about 20 Fluff-A-Rump wool diaper covers and I'm really excited to see if people will be interested in them! All of my diaper covers are one of a kind because I make them out of upcycled wool sweaters.

I just love how cute these diaper covers are on lil baby butts!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hey, look ma, I'm blogging!

Well, please forgive me if I'm not doin' this right--but this is my first ever blog.

My mom always said, "if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you?" yes mom. I would. Everyone else in the world seems to have a blog, so I want one too!

I want to share with the world my wacky adventures in crafting and bein' in the Etsy scene.

Tonight I planned to sew some wool diaper covers (my speciality) and I sincerely sat down in front of my machine to do it. I threaded the needle and pressed the petal....F*#&!...the thread broke. So I threaded the needle again, positioned the fabric, pressed the petal....a couple seconds of stitching...God D#@&! Son of a @#%*!... One more try....threaded the needle, positioned the fabric, took a deep breath, pressed the petal... S*&#! and that my friend, is why they call me the cussin' crafter.